Fragrance Oils

Say goodbye to boring artificial soap fragrances! Allow us to dazzle your senses with our handcrafted artisan soaps formulated with enticing essential oils and premium phthalate-free fragrances in more varieties than you could possibly imagine! We hand select (and sniff test) each and every fragrance ourselves, so you can rest easy knowing that you’re buying a homemade soap that not only feels wonderful, but smells just as good.

So what are you waiting for? Discover your new signature scent today!

Essential Oils

Lavender: A classic scent that never goes out of style. Lavender’s fragrant floral aroma makes for the perfect bath time companion, helping to relax and calm the senses.

Orange: Bold, zesty, and refreshing….what more could you want in a fragrance! If you’re looking for a  little pick-me-up, our orange-scented soaps will do the trick. One whiff of this citrus soap and you’ll be awake in no time (no coffee needed).

Tea Tree: Tea tree is not a scent for the faint of heart. With a distinctive, medicinal aroma, it is an intense, yet refreshing fragrance guaranteed to stimulate your senses.

Anise: A spicy, sweet smelling fragrance similar in scent to black licorice.

Fennel: If you’re a fan of red licorice, you’ll love this scent. So sugary and sweet, you’ll be tempted to eat it!

Lemongrass:  With invigorating notes of lemon mixed with the fresh, earthy aroma of grass, lemongrass is a mild, pleasant scent that’ll suit anyone looking for a subtle, yet rejuvenating fragrance.

Orange/Patchouli: Zesty, musky and bold, this fragrance has it all! Notes of citrus mixed with the alluring aroma of patchouli make this the ideal multi-layered scent.

Lavender/Patchouli: Two of the most popular fragrances blended together to create a unique and unforgettable smell.

Orange/Cedarwood: The rich, woody aroma of cedarwood intertwined with sweet-smelling orange give this rugged scent a unique twist.

Phthalate-free Fragrance Oils

Payson Pine: Payson’s natural woody aroma in a wearable scent! A rugged fragrance that will remind you of the great outdoors and camping under the stars.

Ginger Patchouli:  Subtle notes of spicy ginger paired with the earthy musk of patchouli create a fragrance that’s both exotic and energizing.

Lavender and Cedar: A sophisticated fusion of lavender and cedar form a scent that’s enchanting, flowery, and slightly earthy – a truly enticing combination.

Honey Leather: This intriguing and unique fragrance perfectly blends the characteristic syrupy-sweet smell of honey with the masculine and intoxicating aroma of leather.  A distinct and one-of-a-kind fragrance for a person just as special.

Spearmint Eucalyptus: With a fresh-from-the-garden aroma topped with invigorating notes of spearmint, this fragrance is the stimulating kick you need to start your day at full speed.

Vanilla: An oldie, but a goodie. Rich and luscious vanilla is a tried-and-true scent with a universal appeal that’s sure to please everyone, no matter the age or gender.

Vanilla Oak: The standard, classic aroma of vanilla enhanced with notes of earthy oak. This fragrance is the perfect blend of feminine and masculine aromas.

Crackling Fireplace: A beloved smell captured for your enjoyment day or night, fireplace or not!

Coconut: Coconut not only makes for an excellent soap base due to its moisturizing properties, its naturally sweet buttery aroma makes it an ideal fragrance.

Gardenia: Exquisite in appearance and mesmerizing in smell! This fragrance captures the wonderful floral aroma of a gardenia flower, resulting in an elegant, irresistible scent.

Cool Water: As refreshing and crisp as a cool swim on a hot summer’s day. A perfect scent for H20 enthusiasts!

Oatmeal Milk and Honey: A touch of honey, a splash of milk, and a dash of oatmeal are exquisitely tied together to create a homey fragrance with a warm, sweet finish.

Cotton Candy: Sugary sweet-smelling goodness, but without the sticky fingers! This fragrance will make you feel like you’re back at the fair and will no doubt appeal to your inner child.

Spiced Amber Ale: They say variety is the spice of life; with this multi-layered fragrance you’ll get plenty of both. Alluring spices mingle effortlessly with a variety of autumn-inspired scents  to create a wonderfully rich aroma.

Cherry Blossom:  There’s no scent more romantic than Cherry Blossom. With an irresistible light floral aroma and fruity undertones, this fragrance is perfect for morning, noon, or night!

Orange Blossom: A robust, popular scent reminiscent of the flowers of orange trees. It has a clean, sweet floral smell with a hint of citrus.

Almond/Biscotti: Smell as yummy as a dessert with this almond biscotti fragrance that combines the heavenly smells of almond, sugar, and baked goods into one mouth-watering scent!

Lemon/ Verbana